Subscription Plan

Adult License
£40.00 per year


International Kyokushinkai Organization

Adult License Valid for 1(one) year.

Junior License
£30.00 per year


International Kyokushinkai Organization

Junior License Valid for 1(one) year.


This form must be read, filled in and electronic signed by the student or parent/guardian if the member is under eighteen years. Karate is a Martial Art. This means that it is a combative system, which involves physical movements that are designed to both attack and defend oneself. The training is of a robust nature and a great deal of physical exertion is one of the requirements of a practitioner. There are many sports where physical contact is made such as rugby, football and boxing and injuries can occur in all, as they can in less physical sports. By joining a Karate Club you are placing yourself in an environment where you will practice with others. Some of the movements are practiced on each other, and while every effort is made to minimize accidents, there are occasions where these can happen. The accidents that do occur are usually of an impact type injury such as bruising.
As a student progressing through the grades, he or she may decide to take part in competitions. There is a higher risk of injury in these situations because of the competitive edge. A student is prepared for this aspect of Karate in a different way to enable them to compete fairly and without injury. Whilst injuries may occur, they are at a minimum and serious injuries are all but unheard of within this type of karate. The robust nature is not for everyone and by joining this club you are agreeing to be trained in a physical Martial Art/Sport, where injuries do occur.
Possession of this license provides members with cover for Public Liability member to member insurance only; it is the responsibility of the student to gain additional Personal Injury Insurance if they require it. I agree to undertake all aspects of training (where I can and wish to) and be guided by the instructor in the safest way of undertaking this type of physical exercise. I accept that injuries do occur, and every effort will be made to ensure that this is avoided wherever possible.